Adult Residential Facilities


Adult Residential Facilities (ARF)

Selling or leasing of Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) requires knowledge, CARE, Passion, and expertise. This is where Medical Real Estate Marketing comes in we are first in Medical Real Estate Marketing.

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Adult Residential Facilities (ARF)

Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) provide 24 hour support for adults ages 18-59. This level of service is non-medical but supports the daily needs of persons who are not able to care for themselves. These adults could be mentally disabled, physically handicapped, or developmentally disabled.

Adult Residential Facility for Sale in Brea, CA

$750,000 for the residence

For Sale                   $ 750,000
Living Square Feet 2,620
Lot Size                     7,094
Property Type  Adult Residential Facility
Year Built          1971
Bedrooms                6
Baths                        2

Harvey Family Home

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